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The piece of music I want to hear now

​I practiced it today.

Some part of the 2nd movement of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto.

#WalkingStreetMusician #Classic 



​I don’t know how to say, today too. XD
Everything is going well, and I’m fine.

(But my playing is not good yet)

Today’s new practice is “A Little Love”(Yao Si Ting) and “Do-Re-Mi”(The Sound of Music).

#WalkingStreetMusician #Pops

Jiē tóu yīn yuè rén

A Chinese couple, I met today, taught me how to say “street musician” in Chinese.

Jiē tóu yīn yuè rén. (街 头 音 乐 人)

“音乐” is music, “音乐人” is musician, “街头” is street.

Every 4th Saturday I go to Ukimi-dou in Nara Park.


Because it was quite LOVELY day today, I met a lot of people. (Including French people and Swiss people)

Ah lovely daaay! <3



When I’m walking and playing


When I’m walking and playing the violin on the usual path, a not-so-young lady passed my side, with exchanging nods each other.

I have seen her sometimes. She is riding her bicycle usually, but today, she was walking her bicycle.

She began to ride at a faraway place.

For listening?? Or because of the narrow path??

Thank you either way. :D

#WalkingStreetMusician #Rock/Latin

O, today’s practice songs were “I Was Born to Love You”(Queen), and, J-rock, “Makerumonka”(Barbee Boys).

Too cold


(This photo is not related to this post. It’s a bentou I ate another day. 320 yen)

Too cold. I can’t play outside. Tomorrow too, it will colder.

Practice at home, and sleep early. It’s the best.

See you~♪ :D