Monthly Archives: February 2017

Clear sky

​But still cold! Too windy!

Spring is soon!
(I might say same thing in the last year)



This feeling is important 

​I’m getting to get the feeling to get the string. Or the feeling as the sound starts to sound.
(Sorry.. I can’t say as well..)

So, in a while, I concentrate to my practice. I can’t say that this is my performance practice.


(Today’s sky is a kind of spring sky?)

This winter 

​I have started to run this winter because it’s too cold.

Well, but, running is not bad. It’s good. I think I should run more.
(But I don’t need to haste)

Run 10 minutes x2, 42 Form Taichi 5 minutes

The season is already spring?

Yesterday was rain

​In this afternoon, I made my 4th original tune. (I made many other tunes but I don’t remember)

So, that’s enough for now, and I think I need to touch other works too. I mean, except music. Including books, or word, or literature? Any other visual/unvisual art works.

Today I also played some rock music, and I will also play some covers as same as before, (and I will write it down on a spread sheet) but, now, I want to concentrate to writing and practicing my music.


I think I have to read some books or some blogs..

​But I’m still thinking mainly about my violin practice. XD

Quiet today too. This place is good location for my practice now.

Especially I’m now doing 5th position practice and practice of using the top of the bow, slowly and quietly.

Today’s new practice song is “Fly Me to the Moon”.