Monthly Archives: March 2017

Good atmosphere today

Good atmosphere at this place today.

And I’ve found some major sakura blooming.

(But tomorrow will be rain, maybe?)



I just want to say “yusaburu”(揺さぶる), but I don’t know how to say it in English, “shaking” or “rocking” or “swing” or “shuffle”?

Anyway, this is also good for composing, or for melody making, I think.

When I’m not sure what sound I want to next, I shake (or yusaburu) the last sound, or the last couple of sounds, or the last phrase.

I had a good practice, and a good performance practice.


Recently I’m practicing to play by taking intervals between notes, or as same as staccato?, though..

Last week, I was practicing to concentrate to get the starting point of sound. I don’t know which we should practice at first. 
I thought that “shaking”(or rocking?) is good to get sounds.

Do not think with the head? Or, let the body remember it??

Ahh, I thought so, but I can’t say it as well in English..



That’s enough. Well, I was practicing violin right now. I think I should not playing everyday, or I should rest Sunday, but, today too, I have practiced.

Yea, I did jogging too. Actually I’m running almost everyday these days.

The real sakura season has not come yet.

Run 10 minutes, and Chen Style Taichi 5 minutes (today)