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Whatever the reason

Whatever the reason, I can see as if the people are now talking to the world.
(According to Twitter’s Trends feature of 62 countries?)

It’s not bad, right?

Anyway, to get up tomorrow 2 am midnight, I will sleep today at 6 pm. (Now)
(Because my mobile’s cheap plan is not good for streaming data(internet radio or like that), so I have to go to a convenience store by 30 minutes walk, to listen to BBC Radio 1, 2, 5 Live, World Service, or Manchester?)
(Nearest convenience store is 5 minutes but they don’t have good Wi-Fi)
(The concert starts at 2:55 or 3:15 JST?? I’m not sure..)

Good night~♪

On Sunday

On Sunday, recently I’m thinking I should rest tightly (as well?) as possible but, today too, I also practiced the violin.

Yup, I had jogging too.

Run 10 minutes, 24 Form Taichi 5 minutes.
(And some pelvis stretch?)