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Super tired but super happy!


Too hot today. I couldn’t have motivation to practice in park’s tree shade.
(Instead of it, I went to a coffee shop for killing time)

Busking in front of station was 16:30 to 17:30 this week too.

I’m not good at playing violin yet but I feel my audience is coming closer little by little.

Thank you who listening this week too!!

(Today’s dinner)

(630 yen)


全身全霊(by whole my body, by whole my spirit)

Ok, today’s busking was not bad. I’m getting better than last week.


So, in a while, until my next Walking Street Musician, I’m free.

In the while, by my whole body, by my whole spirit, I do root for her.
Of course, I can’t do anything but watch over. 

To the people of the whole world, 
Let’s greet each other! Even though there are some bad people, if you will talk to their pure heart, who may think twice.
(Woo, I can’t say as well in English.. But you know what I mean??)

Let’s JUST pray for Manchester, everybody!