After a long while

After a long while, I was doing practice of ear. I almost (completely?) forgot it.

Bowing, fingering, and holding, these are important practices, but ear training is also important? Even for not build(building) up stress?

Someone says to hear(listen?) by the right ear is good.

But, by any chance, to NOT hear by the left ear is important?
(For example, it’s like a feeling to pass the sound through from the left ear to the right ear??)

(I’m not sure..)



And Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, I go to walk and play violin at the same place. It’s a side path of a pond nearby. 

Today was too windy, and cold.

I met some familiar faces today too. Everyone is fine.

Recently I play some easy tunes. Many times. Again and again.

(Words don’t come easily.. Today too!)
(Super sleepy. Because of cold? Or tiredness??)