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Super tired but super happy!


Too hot today. I couldn’t have motivation to practice in park’s tree shade.
(Instead of it, I went to a coffee shop for killing time)

Busking in front of station was 16:30 to 17:30 this week too.

I’m not good at playing violin yet but I feel my audience is coming closer little by little.

Thank you who listening this week too!!

(Today’s dinner)

(630 yen)


Let’s go..

This morning I was going to get up at 2:30 am, but I got up 3:30, already the concert had been started. 

When I got to the convenience store, the sky was   bright. In front of the store, I was eating and listening the concert and watching Twitter. (From the middle, I was also watching it via Twitter Live)

I could feel as if I am there. I could think about lots of things. It was a really good experience.

So, let’s go back my usual life.

It was an excellent atmosphere today.


(Too sleepy, so, my English is too bad, today too, sorry)

A day of a walking street musician 

I usually think I should rest on Sunday but I went outside with my violin today.

(Because it’s troublesome, I don’t take my violin case)

I want go far away a bit today.

I don’t know the name but there are many yellow flowers too.

About 30 minutes by walk, today’s destination. Mmm, yet sakura is not in bloom.

While I look at sakura’s buds, I walk and play my violin.

After having enjoyed enough, I wanted to eat something.

But, wait, I don’t have my violin case, so, I can’t go into any shop to eat.

Don’t worry. I have an idea. This is “furoshiki”(traditional Japanese wrapping cloth?).

So, I could eat some o-sushi and some buns at a supermarket today, after my Walking Street Musician.

v(▽ ̄* )