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I want to concentrate on improving skills for now.

Blogging or tweeting are other things.


I was born in Japan

I was born in Japan, so my first language is Japanese.

I didn’t need any other languages to get my Japanese skill.

If music is also a kind of language, we don’t need helps of any other. Do we not?

(Rain outside, so I rest WalkingStreetMusician today)

(O, this month too, I went to Kyoto for the meetup of push-hands. I go to there, once by two months. It was good as same as always)

(And this is a flower I saw today)

Whatever the reason

Whatever the reason, I can see as if the people are now talking to the world.
(According to Twitter’s Trends feature of 62 countries?)

It’s not bad, right?

Anyway, to get up tomorrow 2 am midnight, I will sleep today at 6 pm. (Now)
(Because my mobile’s cheap plan is not good for streaming data(internet radio or like that), so I have to go to a convenience store by 30 minutes walk, to listen to BBC Radio 1, 2, 5 Live, World Service, or Manchester?)
(Nearest convenience store is 5 minutes but they don’t have good Wi-Fi)
(The concert starts at 2:55 or 3:15 JST?? I’m not sure..)

Good night~♪

全身全霊(by whole my body, by whole my spirit)

Ok, today’s busking was not bad. I’m getting better than last week.


So, in a while, until my next Walking Street Musician, I’m free.

In the while, by my whole body, by my whole spirit, I do root for her.
Of course, I can’t do anything but watch over. 

To the people of the whole world, 
Let’s greet each other! Even though there are some bad people, if you will talk to their pure heart, who may think twice.
(Woo, I can’t say as well in English.. But you know what I mean??)

Let’s JUST pray for Manchester, everybody!