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On Sunday

On Sunday, recently I’m thinking I should rest tightly (as well?) as possible but, today too, I also practiced the violin.

Yup, I had jogging too.

Run 10 minutes, 24 Form Taichi 5 minutes.
(And some pelvis stretch?)


I forgot to run..

Correctly, I forgot to write about run?

Almost everyday, I have been running a bit.

Run 10 minutes, and Chen Style Taichi 5 minutes.


Yea, that’s right!
Thank you, Naoko Takahashi!
(She is the gold medalist of 2000’s Sydney Olympic marathon)

I think it’s available for violin practice, too. Yup, yup.

Run 10 minutes, and 42 Form Taichi 5 minutes.


That’s enough. Well, I was practicing violin right now. I think I should not playing everyday, or I should rest Sunday, but, today too, I have practiced.

Yea, I did jogging too. Actually I’m running almost everyday these days.

The real sakura season has not come yet.

Run 10 minutes, and Chen Style Taichi 5 minutes (today)