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Rest and play



In a woods.


Let’s go..

This morning I was going to get up at 2:30 am, but I got up 3:30, already the concert had been started. 

When I got to the convenience store, the sky was   bright. In front of the store, I was eating and listening the concert and watching Twitter. (From the middle, I was also watching it via Twitter Live)

I could feel as if I am there. I could think about lots of things. It was a really good experience.

So, let’s go back my usual life.

It was an excellent atmosphere today.


(Too sleepy, so, my English is too bad, today too, sorry)

全身全霊(by whole my body, by whole my spirit)

Ok, today’s busking was not bad. I’m getting better than last week.


So, in a while, until my next Walking Street Musician, I’m free.

In the while, by my whole body, by my whole spirit, I do root for her.
Of course, I can’t do anything but watch over. 

To the people of the whole world, 
Let’s greet each other! Even though there are some bad people, if you will talk to their pure heart, who may think twice.
(Woo, I can’t say as well in English.. But you know what I mean??)

Let’s JUST pray for Manchester, everybody!