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Clear sky

​But still cold! Too windy!

Spring is soon!
(I might say same thing in the last year)



This feeling is important 

​I’m getting to get the feeling to get the string. Or the feeling as the sound starts to sound.
(Sorry.. I can’t say as well..)

So, in a while, I concentrate to my practice. I can’t say that this is my performance practice.


(Today’s sky is a kind of spring sky?)

Yesterday was rain

​In this afternoon, I made my 4th original tune. (I made many other tunes but I don’t remember)

So, that’s enough for now, and I think I need to touch other works too. I mean, except music. Including books, or word, or literature? Any other visual/unvisual art works.

Today I also played some rock music, and I will also play some covers as same as before, (and I will write it down on a spread sheet) but, now, I want to concentrate to writing and practicing my music.