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Jiē tóu yīn yuè rén

A Chinese couple, I met today, taught me how to say “street musician” in Chinese.

Jiē tóu yīn yuè rén. (街 头 音 乐 人)

“音乐” is music, “音乐人” is musician, “街头” is street.

Every 4th Saturday I go to Ukimi-dou in Nara Park.


Because it was quite LOVELY day today, I met a lot of people. (Including French people and Swiss people)

Ah lovely daaay! <3




When I’m walking and playing


When I’m walking and playing the violin on the usual path, a not-so-young lady passed my side, with exchanging nods each other.

I have seen her sometimes. She is riding her bicycle usually, but today, she was walking her bicycle.

She began to ride at a faraway place.

For listening?? Or because of the narrow path??

Thank you either way. :D

#WalkingStreetMusician #Rock/Latin

O, today’s practice songs were “I Was Born to Love You”(Queen), and, J-rock, “Makerumonka”(Barbee Boys).

Today too, it was SO cold..

But I got a hot canned coffee again.
Thank you, my fam!! :D


The songs I added to my practice repertoires today are “Hakodaté no Hito”(Saburo Kitajima) and “Chigiri”(Hiroshi Itsuki).

#WalkingStreetMusician #Enka

(According to the weather forecast, tomorrow, it will be storm or hard rain, or heavy snow, or extremely cold)

(See you next week??)