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Music is fun

Violin is fun. v(▽ ̄* )

(Difficult a bit, though)


Needless to say,

I’m not a snaiper, I’m just a walking street musician.

(The things in my left hand are my violin wrapped by furoshiki(Japanese wrapping cloth) and my bow in an inner case of fishing rod)

Once by month, in every 4th Saturday, I go to play at Ukimi-dou in Nara Park. This is also a kind of my performance practice.
(I go to there by walk, about 2 hours, so, I don’t want to take heavy baggage)

I met Machiko-chan (correctly, “Naramachiko”) again. She is very fine today too.

On the way home, I played in front of Nara Station, as usual, of course.


A Chinese young man

A Chinese young man I met today could understand my “nice to meet you” in Chinese.

Hĕn gāo xìng rèn shí nĭ (很高兴认识你), I learned it from a Chinese people I met on the web long ago.
(I think I can’t pronounce correctly yet)

He also talked that Chinese people who lives in Shanghai like Japanese food, i.e. “Shouga-yaki” or “Katsu-don”, very much, nowadays.

A day of a walking street musician 

I usually think I should rest on Sunday but I went outside with my violin today.

(Because it’s troublesome, I don’t take my violin case)

I want go far away a bit today.

I don’t know the name but there are many yellow flowers too.

About 30 minutes by walk, today’s destination. Mmm, yet sakura is not in bloom.

While I look at sakura’s buds, I walk and play my violin.

After having enjoyed enough, I wanted to eat something.

But, wait, I don’t have my violin case, so, I can’t go into any shop to eat.

Don’t worry. I have an idea. This is “furoshiki”(traditional Japanese wrapping cloth?).

So, I could eat some o-sushi and some buns at a supermarket today, after my Walking Street Musician.

v(▽ ̄* )